Messinian Mani

Messinian Mani is the middle promontory of the Peloponnese between Kalamata and Sparta near the world famous cave of Diros. Mani is an open museum with monuments, traditional paths, trails, caves, beaches, mountains, forests, monasteries, castles gorges which to explore them all you will need to visit several times.

Mani is one of the most popular holiday destinations especially during summer and all the other seasons.
Recommended for fans of alternative tourism, nature lovers, hikers, hiking, spelunking, sailing, diving and other coexist because they are together the mountain and the sea.

Across Mani villages are keeping the full history of Mani architecture and natural beauty.

Agios Dimitrios 500 meters from the Hotel Katafigio Village picturesque village with a tower of Xristea and the small harbor.

Agios Nikolaos at 2500 meters distance to the beautiful fishing village – characteristic of the harbor where you can find fresh fish. Here is the health center, pharmacy, restaurants, supermarkets, bars for drinks and fun.

Stoupa 5000 meters away with its beautiful beaches where you will find the famous beach where he lived nun and wrote many of his books, Nikos Kazantzakis friends with Alexis Zorbas

Kardamili 10000 meters away, the capital of the West Mani with beautiful beaches and shops.
Finally, Kalamata 45000 counts capital of Messinia with hospital and airport.