The area is full of beaches of every kind. Rocky beaches with sleek rocks and emerald seas, golden sands, desert beaches for those who just want to enjoy the natural landscape and busy ones for a coffee or a drink. Choose your favourite and perhaps you ll find to have more than one! We can give you some suggestions but for sure you will discover your own.

  • At 30 meters there is a beach resort or plate, the church asks as the call is smooth rocky coast with cliffs and crystal clear waters here is the cave Katafigio.
  • Agios Dimitrios 500 meters, next to the harbor of the village overlooking the Tower of Christ
  • Malsova 1000 meters, pebble beach where fresh water gushes
  • Pantazis 1500 meters, the central and largest beach beautiful sandy beach with crystal clear waters
  • Stoupa 5000 meters, beach in the village of Stoupa red sand
  • Kalogria 5000 meters, from the most beautiful beaches and natural beauty with red sand here was the refuge of Kazantzakis’ Alexis Zorbas
  • Dolphins 7000 meters, just beyond the Kalogria in a secluded bay beauty
  • Foneas 7500 meters, the beach in a ravine with a large rock in the sea.
  • Kardamili 10000 meters, has two beaches with unique beauty, Kalamitsi and Ritsa