Cave Katafigi

At 30 meters from the apartments there is one of the longest caves in Greece.

The length is estimated at around 2,000 meters and is considered one of the largest in Greece, according to experts, while not yet fully explored. One part of the cave was explored in 1953 by Giannis Petrochilos and Swede speleologist K. Lindberg. The exploration continued in 1972 by the speleologist Giannis Ioannou where he characterized it as “a monument of nature, and one of the most important caves in our country” [“To spilaio katafigi Agiou Dimitriou Selinitsas Manis” Digital Library Theophrastos, Department of Geology AUTH No SP. registry 36].

The cave is the bed river of an old underground river, regarded as the old bed of the current underground river that flows into the sea 200 meters from the cave, called Drakos. The entrance was the exit of the old river, which is impressive and has created a huge amphitheater of unparalleled wild beauty.
At this point it has created a natural beach with smooth rocks where you can comfortably lie down on it. Beneath the surface of the sea is an underwater cave, ideal for cave diving.

The cave was an ideal hiding place for many people (so the name “katafigi” it means hiding place in Greek), especially during the Turkish occupation. The great length and especially the diversity and abundance of galleries-branches, helped many locals to find refuge in difficult times.

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